The Death Of OpenAI (as we know it)

The kind of turmoil that has occurred at OpenAI in the last few days is surprisingly common, but rarely plays out in public. OpenAI is unprecedented in its impact in the last year, which makes this even more interesting.

Maybe the not really that Traitorous Eight is the closest example I can think of:

Even if Altman and Brockman return, this company will not be the same. Following what will surely be a highly awkward Monday, exits are now imminent, even from Altman and Brockman's loyal followers.

There is blood in the water and other companies with AI ambitions have spent the weekend tearing OpenAI apart employee by employee. Right now, OpenAI is a spectacular place to be from…that name on your CV implies authority even if it is not warranted. Companies will pay handsomely for insights into OpenAI and since everyone has a number…they are desperate to find it.

It is incredibly rare for the builder of a system like a Chief Scientist to win these types of battles…this is a battle of social capital. Because they (nerds) build systems not social capital. The end however long that takes will be interesting.

A few interesting links:

Timeline of the OpenAI Board:

Altman planning new AI venture:

Altman mulling return to OpenAI:

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