Death of OpenAI Cont'd

(or how the disruptors got disrupted)

This weekend’s events will be a movie in a few years directed by the AI version of Aaron Sorkin aka SorkinGPT.

Altman and Brockman are going to Microsoft after the Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella found their number. Alluding to my post yesterday about the Death of OpenAI and companies wanting to tear it apart.

Altman and Brockman will lead a new Advanced AI Research team. If you translate this, it means, “Microsoft had a dependency on a very volatile startup and now we are trying to buy our way out of that problem.”

It is unprecedented how an emerging high growth startup became the centerpiece of much of the world’s major software vendors. This “dependency” these vendors took on was unprecedented as well, given the lack of Enterprise level history of OpenAI. This was a gamble and the high risk just showed itself over the weekend.

A good article summarizing the most recent events:

Update 1:
Most of OpenAI employees have threatened to walk:

And Ilya has apologized.

Even SorkinGPT can't write this level of drama.

I need to buy more popcorn.

Update 2:
Interestingly this does not appear to be a done deal and Altman is still attempting to return to OpenAI: is a story that just keeps on giving.

Update 3:

One more fun bit: OpenAI board approached Anthropic about a merger after firing Altman.

This is a soap opera.

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