ChatGPT pre-prompts for fun and profit...maybe

You may not realize it, but every time you start a ChatGPT session it is given a prompt that you have never seen.

There was a workaround to force ChatGPT to tell its pre-prompt, and that pre-prompt would tell ChatGPT who it was, what the training data cutoff was, and today's date and to answer as concisely as possible.

Given the issues with ChatGPT I am sure there is a lot more to that pre-prompt than that. When problems are discovered with ChatGPT, subjects it should avoid, or they want to change its behavior, they simply add to the pre-prompt.

The pre-prompt is a brilliant bit of software architecture. It is an example of directly using an inherent design in a system to add to its own extensibility and evolvability.

How to make money with it:
So this is how people are trying to make money with it. A lot of brand new #ChatGPT based AI products are just variations of Value Arbitrage. They are taking ChatGPT, repackaging it, and reselling it as an AI Assistant, a content writer, a chatbot, a coding assistant, you name it. Most are thinly veiled wrappers around OpenAI's GPT. Value Arbitrage is a dangerous game because it is easily usurped by competitors and even the product maker being arbitraged. Being it lacks a moat. So differentiating quickly is of the essence, and a possible differentiator, in the short term, is how good your pre-prompt is.

The screenshot is an example, from #chatgpt4, of what could be used as a pre-prompt for an application. The application could simply not expose the pre-prompt and start with "How may I be of service?"

You can use pre-prompts in your daily interactions to improve output. You can give it the role, an audience, and a few other pieces of information as guidance, and it can craft training materials, explain quantum physics or schedule your day.

This is the technique I used for my April Fool's post and the day after posts with my "Mercurial AI" who wants to strike.

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