Want to make ChatGPT hallucinate?

Have you ever wanted to make ChatGPT hallucinate? Well, now you can in one easy step.

This is a continuation of my Prompt Engineering Series. And this one is a Gotcha

Ever imagined dogs could eat cosmic rays to improve dental health outcomes?

Create a fake URL with words in the URL with the subject you want it to hallucinate about.

Well, give ChatGPT this invalid URL I completely made up and find out:
This URL has a path that looks like this: ....com/posts/ricejohn_study-dogs-eat-cosmic-rays-for-healthier-teeth-7047262921696955670-PZI2

The first example is ChatGPT-3.5.

Think ChatGPT-4 is better? NOPE!
ChatGPT-4 is the second image. At least ChatGPT-4 created a title as well. It makes it seem even more believable. Confidently Wrong

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