An Amazing And Scary Application of a GPT

This is an amazing and scary application of a GPT.

TLDR: Researchers used a GPT to help decode human thoughts from MRI images.

This technology is still in its infancy and takes significant resources but is capable of greater than 80% accuracy.

The amazing applications of this could be for people with a disability that prevents them from speaking, such as changes in their brain, brain damage, stroke, aphasia, Parkinson's, MS, or cerebral palsy. The potential here is enormous.

Another cool application would be speaking a foreign your thoughts in one language, and the GPT translates to another.

Of course, the scary side is the ability for your thoughts to be read passively. We have all wished we could read people's minds at times, but this could eventually be a serious privacy invasion from companies and governments. Once this is possible, it will become as ubiquitous as facial recognition under the guise of safety unless it is stopped. Tinfoil hats, anyone?

A funny study on the lack of effectiveness of tinfoil hats:


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