The impact of ChatGPT Plug-Ins

You have probably discovered that OpenAI announced Plug-ins for ChatGPT. If not, you can read up on it here:

I won't rehash what everyone else is saying, but I will touch on a few things I don't think are being told and relate back a bit to my post about The Future Of Search. Link here: Thoughts on the future of search, ads, privacy and more in the age of GPTs (

Old Thoughts Revisited:
If OpenAI makes plug-ins like an app store, then a few questions get answered. I will just hit on one example to keep it short:
❓ What is the value of a lot of websites anymore?
Answer: Diminished value. We will see a potentially significant reduction in traffic to sites because they will be using the ChatGPT native plug-in.
I hinted around at a pay-to-play model, and that is where this is going. There will likely be a fee to be part of the plug-in ecosystem, and revenue sharing will likely be a requirement. We may see many companies attempt to wrap their site in the veneer of a plug-in. It will be interesting.

New thoughts:
❓ How long will it take before EU regulators step in with this model?
Check out a post from me yesterday on why GDPR was brilliant and what that may mean for ChatGPT to get a better context for the following.
GDPR was brilliant, but not for why you think (
It took the EU years to fully understand the Apple App Store and start to constrain it. They have seen this model before and now know what it means, so I am confident they will react much faster with regulating Plug-ins for ChatGPT if it starts dominating the market. This is a problem with doing plug-ins versus opens you up to even greater regulatory scrutiny.

Value arbitrage:
❓ For all those companies and start-ups that rushed out a ChatGPT value arbitrage app. What happens now?
Those apps that were created as just a veneer on top of ChatGPT targeting a specific use case will run into some serious competition. Plug-ins will now be the place to build those. Only one company will be a winner in the value arbitrage space, and that will be OpenAI. If any plug-in from a third party or a website packages it successfully, OpenAI builds its version. Not unlike what Amazon has done with Amazon Basics.

Original Post on LinkedIn:

John Rice on LinkedIn: ChatGPT plugins
You have probably discovered that OpenAI announced Plug-ins for ChatGPT. If not, you can read up on it here: I won't rehash what…

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