A New Beginning

I took a break for a bit from posting about Strategy, LLMs, ChatGPT, Architecture, Data Privacy, Security, and other random bits to migrate all my writing over to my own site. I found LinkedIn to be mercurial at times with its posting methodologies; finding old posts is wonky, it has some severe limitations for longer posts, and you are giving up ownership of your content.

From now on, I will post on my own site but cross-post on LinkedIn, so most of my content will be available on both.

My site is www.tineslai.com.

I have caught up on all my previous interesting posts there and will start posting all my new writings there as well as on LinkedIn.

Some upcoming posts will include:
Responsibilities of enterprises and start-ups
A mental model for LLMs
How to hack an LLM
Long-term consequences of LLM's on public knowledge
Trial and error...and success
High-reliability organizations

But, while you are here check out some classics like:

GDPR was brilliant, but not for why you think
GDPR Was Brilliant! And that brilliance has nothing to do with data privacy. I am surprised at the number of people who have not noticed the brilliance of GDPR having less to do with Data Privacy and everything to do with leveling the playing field with US Tech Titans. So

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